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SAG Stunt Performer, Fight Choreographer, and Stunt Coordinator

Stunt Coordinator on 2021 *ACADEMY AWARD WINNING* Feature Film SOUND OF METAL

Stunt Coordinator on 2022 Hulu Feature Film MOTHER/ANDROID

Action directing, fight choreography, wire work, high falls, ratchets, Boxing, MMA, Gymnastics, water work, climbing, weapons, vehicle work, safety work, and more. Nationally certified EMT (NREMT), certified Personal Trainer (ACSM)... and award winning feature film producer.

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"A lifetime of athletic endeavors, a background in performance, and years as a film industry professional led me to this life I love. Believe in yourself, and never give up - you can do more than you know"

"As a stunt coordinator, medic, and producer, SAFETY on film sets is always my top priority" 

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